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Hospital & School Security

Communities, whether small or large primarily depend on trained security personnel to guard their homes, businesses, and public offices. They count on security guards to patrol their property to deter criminal activity, lock and open secured gates, operate surveillance cameras, and so much more.

Security guards should be alert, vigilant, and possess exceptional analytical skills and stamina to perform in their job. While specific duties may differ from one security company to another, here are some common duties that help to define the roles of security officers.

Securing the Premise

Security guards are frequently positioned as the first line of defense for businesses and homes against any illegal activity or external threat. Unlike police officers who deploy offensive tactics such as apprehending criminals or detaining assailants after an incident has occurred, security guards take preventative measures to deter crime and maintain safety for everyone.

Securing the property comes with several layers. These include:

– Patrolling the property: Security guard patrols make sure personnel and premises are safe by regularly making the rounds to prevent damage, burglary, and other unexpected occurrences. They assess on the spot if something looks out of place.

– Monitoring the premises: Security officers monitor and observe the environment they are protecting using monitoring equipment and building controls. If the situation calls for it, the officers can start investigating or call for additional help.

– Controlling access: They will control access for employees, visitors, and outside contractors and generally ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to office buildings, warehouses, event sites, and other assigned locations.

– Inspections: Security guards are usually responsible for inspecting buildings and ensuring that doors and access points are properly locked up and secured.

– Proper log management: From a security point of view, logs should serve as a red flag when something unusual is happening. Maintaining proper logs and reviewing them regularly could help identify malicious attacks on your security system.

Smart Secure Consultancy Services provides its clients with an integrated approach, with a series of conventional and non-conventional security services aimed at commercial properties, with a specific emphasis on customer service.

The expensive goods and properties and the high number of people, expose these shopping centers to a wide set of security issues. Shopping malls are one of the favorite targets for thefts, vandalism acts, property damages, products tampering, fights and criminal actions in general. A professional security, prevention and protection planning is necessary in order to allow managers to deal with the enormous set of problems that these shopping centers are presented with.The protection of all the structures requires the highest level of access control, sensible areas monitoring, entrances and exits control, prevention and reduction of inventory s discrepancies and dissuasion from criminal acts.