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Front Office Security

Although the role of the Front Office is the responsibility of every guest, yet Front Desk staff plays an important role as they have the opportunity to observe all persons entering or departing the premises.

The Main Security Functions of the Front Office is protecting the Guests and Property.

They are:

  1. People: Guests health, comfort or wellbeing. Employees & others.
  2. Property: Hotel Equipment, machinery, Hotel Room Supplies, fixtures & fittings, software, revenue, reputation etc.

Front Office Functions for Guest Security

  • Should never give room number, room keys and messages or mail of the guest to anyone else.
  • Front office staff  should prohibit the staff to provide any information about the guests to any caller or visitors.
  • Should never give room number, room keys and messages or mail of the guest to anyone else.
  • Screening of caller before connecting the call to the guest/ no connection of the call without the permission of the guest.
  • Should also inform the guests of personal precautions they may take.
  • The bell boy should give instructions to the guest of equipment use.
  • Flyers/ pamphlets of safety tips should be placed in the rooms.
  • Front Office Staff also help protect guests’ personal
  • property Front Office staff also important to asset protection (charging guests for breakages etc.).

Front Office Functions for Property Security

  • The building should be enclosed with a Fencing-High rise concrete wall, wired etc.
  • Adequate lighting on all side of the property.
  • Security guards/ manning of all entries/ exits.
  • CCTV placed at all strategic locations inside and outside the buildings.
  • X-ray machines for luggage scanning.
  • Inverted Mirrors for scanning of the lower side of cars/ vehicles.
  • Underground scanners for cars/ vehicles.
  • Underground Tyre-cutters for cars/ vehicles.
  • Door framed Metal detectors.
  • Handheld scanners.
  • Frisking of all guests/ visitors.
  • Multi-purpose room keys (for the use of lift/ entry for adjacent mall etc.)
  • Use of Sensors or Fire alarms.